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  Walking Tours

  The New Berlin Free Tour

  This 3.5 hour English-language walking tour goes deeper than just introducing the sites:
  it delves into the city’s amazing history, from the darkest hours to the brightest moments.
  Starting off at the symbol of Germany: the Brandenburg Gate. From there following the line
  of the Wall, through the Nazi Government District to Checkpoint Charlie.
  After a coffee break, heading through the 1920s Cabaret Mile and over Berlin’s grandest
  square – Gendarmenmarkt – to Museum Island. The tour concludes in the beautiful
  surroundings of the Lustgarten – the old royal gardens - in the heart of the city, a stone’s
  throw from some of the best museums in the world.
  Meets: Brandenburg Gate in front of Starbucks, East Berlin
11 am and 1 pm and 4pm daily
3.5 hours
  Detailed Info:  http://www.newberlintours.com/nbt/content/view/1/2/lang,en/

  Red Berlin Tour

  The Cold War was fought in the shadows of Berlin. Discover the people, places, and secrets
  that kept two worlds on the brink of World War III and the Wall that separated them.
  On this 3.5-hour walking tour, explore Berlin’s former Soviet Sector – a Cold War battle
  ground and the foundation of Communist East Berlin. Learn about life behind the Iron
  Curtain. See how the Stasi - the largest spy network the world has ever seen - kept an entire
  population under observation. Trace the CIA and KGB spy stories at the US, North Korean,
  and massive Soviet embassies. And more.
Brandenburg Gate in front of Starbucks, East Berlin
  When:  1pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday
  Length: 3.5 hours
  Price: €12, €10 students
  Detailed Info: http://www.newberlintours.com/nbt/content/view/16/26/lang,en/

  Cold War Berlin: Soviet secrets, CIA spies & more

  The Berlin Wall along with the Great Wall of China was one of the longest structures ever
  built to keep people separate from one another Yet hardly anything exists of it today.
  This tour follows the often ghost like trail of the Death-strip and Wall, retracing some of the
  more intriguing fortifications of its border from Guard Towers to tank traps.
  Starting at the infamous Checkpoint Charlie, where the Cold War powers formerly faced off
  just yards apart, we describe the routines and duties of Border Guards, the Soviet and
  Allied forces, Stasi and CIA.
  Meets: at McDonald's opposite the main entrance to Zoo Station 
10 am Monday and Thursday (April 1st - October 31st)
  Length: 4 hours
€12,  € 10 (under 26 yr. olds, Pensioners), € 9 Welcome Cards or ISIC cards
Detailed Info: http://www.insidertour.com/tours.php/cat/27/id/42/title/Tourdetails

  Best Of Berlin Tour

  This legendary all day, all-encompassing walking tour is famous for the sheer amount of
  information you’ll absorb. It is THE most productive day you could spend in Berlin.
  guides lend themselves to different routes, but each tour covers Berlin’s chaotic history in
  depth: Berlin of the Hohenzollerns, Jewish Berlin, Weimar Berlin, Nazi Berlin, Cold War
  Berlin, to Berlin in the wake of reunification, rebuilt and reborn. Whatever your taste, this
  tour has it all. All the sights and all the history in one fun-filled action-packed day.
Meets: opposite the Friedrichstrasse station, in front of the Bandy Brooks shop
  When: at 10:30
am daily
  Length: all day
Price: 12
Detailed Info: http://www.brewersberlintours.com/bestof.html

  FREE Berlin Tour
  The guides will take you on a 3 ˝ hour trip through Berlin with all the main sights and
  stories about this fantastic city. No ticket needed, tips gratefully accepted.
Berlin is so
  wonderful everyone should be able to experience its perks and pitfalls regardless of their
  impending financial doom.
opposite the Friedrichstrasse station, in front of the Bandy Brooks shop
1pm daily
3 and half hour
  Detailed Info:

  Sinful Berlin

Our legendary Berlin sex tour featuring a deep look at the seedy and scandalous side of
  Berlin’s past and present.
Berlin isnt just about serious, world changing history; this bizarre
  city also has a secret, playful, weird and incredibly SINFUL underworld. In-fact between
  World War I and II, Berlin was the sexual playground of Europe, THE place to stay out late
  and misbehave. Ticket price includes entrance into Europe
s LARGEST erotic museum.
  Meets: opposite the Friedrichstrasse station, in front of the
Bandy Brooks
  When:  8pm Thursday and Saturday
12 (AB Zone travel ticket also required)
  Detailed Info:

  Third Reich Tour

  Want to know more about those nasty Nazis, and what they did in Berlin? This is the tour for
This specialty tour has been lovingly designed and created to bring you a unique tour
  focusing on the Jewish Quarter and resistance movements as well as Nazi sights. Not only
  does this tour look back to everyday life for the Jewish community under Nazi rule it also
  questions how banal evil took over the most educated, liberal city in Europe.
Meets: opposite the Friedrichstrasse station, in front of the Bandy Brooks shop
  When: 1pm Monday, Thursday, Saturday
  Detailed Info:

  Trips with Terry

  Terry Brewer, the man, the myth, the legend shows you parts of Berlin that are off the
  beaten path.
Twenty-five years of tour-guiding, including as the official tour guide to the Allied
  Forces in Berlin, means Terry knows the entire city--and has access to and information
  about places that you might not even have known existed. It works like this... Terry turns up,
  meets his group offers a selection of weird and wonderful things to see and do. Maybe
  someone has a particular interest in Potsdam or Soviet propaganda. You all decide and you
  go. There is no other person in the entire city who compares on knowledge and scary
  enthusiasm for stories sometimes about his life here in the 1950s sometimes about beer.
Meets: opposite the Friedrichstrasse station, in front of the Bandy Brooks shop
  When:  10:30am Tuesday and Friday
  Detailed Info:

  Berlin's New Architecture

  Designed to show you a sample of Berlin's best new architecture, the tour includes daring
  new buildings in the diplomatic quarter; landmark buildings on Potsdamer Platz by
  Renzo Piano; the cool lines of the new Federal Government quarter; and hidden gems
  by Nicholas Grimshaw and Frank Gehry. The tour ends in the magnificent new central train
  station or Hauptbahnhof, the most impressive all-new railway building to be built in Europe
  in recent years.
  Meets: from Meeting Point West ONLY: taxi stand outside Zoo station
             (Bhf. Zoologischer Garten)
  When: April thru' Oct.: Mondays at 12.30pm
  Length: 3 hours
  Price: € 12.00; under 26 year olds/retirees € 10.00; Welcome Card and ISIC holders € 9.00
  Detailed Info: http://www.berlinwalks.com/tours_architecture.html

  Discover Potsdam

  Potsdam's fairy-tale landscapes look like a blessing from nature, but are the result of
  hundreds of years of human endeavour, in pursuit of paradise on earth. Visit the mock-16th
  century palace of Cecilienhof, and see the lakeside Marble Palace with its Greek temple
  ruins, and the dreamlike castle of Babelsberg. The tour ends back in the 18th century: finish
  in the beautiful park of "Sanssouci", literally "Without a Care"!
  Meets: from Meeting Point West ONLY: taxi stand outside Zoo station
             (Bhf. Zoologischer Garten)
  When: April thru' October: Thursdays and Sundays 9.50am
  Length: 5-6 hours, including journey time from Zoo Station and a break for lunch. Using
             public transport to reach Potsdam. Bring an ABC Tageskarte (day pass € 6.30)
             with you or buy one from our guide.
  Price: € 15.00; under 26 year olds: € 11.50; Welcome Card and ISIC holders: €11.50
  Detailed Info: http://www.berlinwalks.com/tours_potsdam.html






















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